Why We Will Continue to Pay for Dance Classes During the COVID 19 Crisis.


You may be wondering why I am publishing a post about dance classes on pianoparents.net. I want to share with you my reasons for continuing to support my granddaughter Kaylie’s Irish dance studio for as long as I can even though they are closed due to the coronavirus.


Irish dance means a lot to our family. Actually, it’s a family affair for us. Every one of us is behind Kaylie’s dancing one hundred percent. She loves it, and she is always dancing. Even in these uncertain times seeing Kaylie bounce and step as she practices the jig and the reel brings all of us joy! She’s just a beginner, but dancing takes her to a place free from worry.


I want to be sure when this COVID 10 crisis is over that her dance studio will still be there for her. I see that her teachers are working hard to adjust and send out videos and other things to help her keep dancing. So, I will pay my tuition as long as I am able to.


I am a piano teacher, so I am kind of in the same boat. Many of us are. We have never seen anything like this in our lifetime. It is scary. Even people with stable jobs like first responders and healthcare workers are worried about the economy in general. These workers are facing high-stress levels. If you are one of them, thank you for your service to us all.


Those of us who are small business people are certainly losing a lot of sleep these days. Your child’s piano teacher is probably one of these people.

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