“Thanks, Mom and Dad” 10 Reasons Your Child is Thankful for Muisc Lessons.

smilingI love it when families make a big deal out of their child’s first music lesson. Because, it is a big deal. Giving you son or daughter music lessons is giving them a gift that will last a lifetime. It isn’t easy or inexpensive, but it is in a word…wonderful! I know kids don’t always appreciate having to practice, come to weekly lessons and participate in recitals but you should feel great about being a “music  parent”. I obviously took lessons as a young girl and at that time it didn’t dawn on me to say thank you to my mom and dad for taking me to music lessons. But I sure am grateful now! I’ll tell you why I’m thankful for my music lessons, and why your child is too.

1- Music lessons make me smarter, they really do. Because of my music lessons, I’ll probably do better in school and on standardized testing.

The Benefits of Music and Music Education on Children’s Brains

2-Music  lessons teach me to stick with something. It takes a long time and a lot of work to learn to play well. I am learning to persevere. Thanks for not letting me quit even when I want to.

3-Playing music  makes me feel special. My friends think it’s awesome that I can play. Having something unique I can do helps me feel confident.

4-Music helps me make friends. I can join in with other kids who love music. Playing music with my friends is fun and knowing how to play the piano means that I can always find a music group to join. In fact, my friends who sing and play instruments usually seek me out to play along with them.

5-When I feel stressed or sad, playing  music helps me feel better. I can’t think about upsetting things when I am focused on making music. http://www.apa.org/monitor/2013/11/music.aspx

6-Being involved in music teaches me to deal with success and failure. Having a great performance feels fantastic, a bad performance, not so much. Being a pianist teaches me to be gracious when I succeed and resilient when I fail. Thank you for your support through it all.

7-Being a musician is a lifelong, marketable skill. Because I can play well, I always have the piano to fall back on. I can earn money by teaching, playing in churches and accompanying others.

How to Make Money Playing The Piano

8-Even if I don’t stick with music lessons, I know if I decide to go back to it as an adult. I can learn much more easily because of the lessons I am taking now.

9-My  teacher has taught me so much. Thank you for providing me with this teacher who cares about me and helps me learn. This person focuses only on me while I am at my lesson. I will never forget the positive impact my teacher has had on me.

10-Going to lessons has given me special time to spend with you. I know you are busy and I am too. I cherish the time we spend together going to and from lessons. I will grow up soon, but I won’t forget this.

I am thankful that my parents took me to music lessons. And, I’m thankful for all of the parents of my students who bring their kids to my studio week after week. I can think of no greater undertaking than learning to play a musical instrument well. It is not easy, in fact, it’s very difficult. Most of my students can’t always see the benefit of taking lessons. And very few of them ever say thank you to their parents or caregivers for taking them to lessons week after week and making them practice.

I have been teaching for over 30 years. Many of my students are now grown and they come back and tell me how much they appreciate having taken music lessons. Your children appreciate it too, even if they don’t know it yet. So I’ll say it for them, “Thanks, Mom and Dad!”

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