What to Do About Piano Lessons in the Face of the Corona Virus

We are all being bombarded by news about the Corona Virus. It is concerning. It may be more of a problem for you depending on where you are in the world. Opinions about the situation range from those who think it is just the regular flu that is being hyped up in order to cause panic to those who think this is the next great pandemic.


The truth as I see it, we really don’t know. The best thing to do is to stay calm and take reasonable precautions. Some piano teachers and studios are deciding to conduct lessons online to avoid any chance of transmitting the illness.

Here’s how to set up lessons online and why you should continue with online piano lessons.



What are online piano lessons?


Your teacher can use the internet and a smartphone, tablet or computer to teach real-time video lessons with you or your child. Your child will be able to speak, play and interact with the teacher just as he would in the studio.



How do we set this up?


If you and your teacher both have I devices (iPhone/iPad) you can easily do a Facetime lesson. If not, you can download the Skype app. and conduct the lesson using your computer. You will need to set your device near the piano so that the teacher can see your child and your child can see the teacher including a view of the piano keyboard.

Note; A chair or small table next to the piano works fine, no special stands or equipment is needed.


Here are links showing you how to set up video lessons. Your teacher will be able to help you.



Note; Setting up video lessons through skype or Facetime is free of charge. Of course, you will pay your regular lesson fee.



Does this work? Are the lessons effective?



I have been teaching online for the last three years. I have found that online lessons are slightly different than in-person lessons in that, my online students must be more independent, and I must explain things thoroughly. In many ways, this turns out to be advantageous for my students. All in all, my online students do just as well as my in-person students.


Note; Preschool and special needs students may benefit from having a parent present to help during online lessons.



Why not just take a break from piano lessons until we can come back to the teacher’s studio?


It’s never a good idea to take a break from piano lessons and piano practice.

In order to build upon the skills attained and move forward lessons and practice should continue throughout the year. An analogy would be training at the gym, you may get into great shape but if you take a few weeks off from your work out you lose the progress you have made.



It’s good to keep a sense of normalcy.

Playing the piano helps children to focus on something positive. Being able to see and interact with their teacher helps them to feel safe and secure. If things do get to the point where we all have to “lay low” for a while playing the piano will give your child (or yourself) something to do.



Your teacher needs to continue as well.

Your teacher has dedicated his/her life to learning to play and teach the piano. This is your teacher’s livelihood. I know that your teacher wants to do the very best to advance your child’s piano education this is the main reason for teaching online lessons. However, we all have bills to pay and your piano teacher is no exception. I will thank you in advance for your understanding of this matter.



I hope and pray that everyone will be safe and healthy and that this virus will come to an end very soon.


Thank you so much for reading this post.


Doreen Hall


Teachers, you can find plenty of music you can download and print for in-person students or email to your online students including method books, music, theory, games and more on my website for teachers.











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