Learning the Piano = Serious Cash…Seriously


There are a million articles out there about how great music study is for children.


It’s good for the brain, it builds character, teaches responsibility, provides enjoyment and an emotional outlet.


Sure, all of these things are true but there is one more little reason to keep your son or daughter in piano lessons. If they get good at it, they can make some very decent money.


I know, I know.


Unless we are rock stars or something we’re all supposed to be a bunch of starving artists, right?




Playing the piano is a skill. If you are competent, you can get paid!

It’s not just pianists, other instrumentalists can make money too especially, guitarists, harpists, and organists.


I realize that most of my students are not planning a full-time career in music but let’s just do some math and take a look at the opportunities for people who learn to play well enough to get the job done.


Let’s take a look at some real-life examples.





As of the writing of this post piano teachers in the U.S. earn between $40.00 and 80.00 per hour, a boatload more than you can make at just about any other part-time job.


Church/Religious Services


Depending upon how good you are, you can earn between $50.00 and 200.00 per service or mass. Your duties may include providing music for the service, accompanying the choir, or leading worship.



Weddings and Funerals


A good pianist can earn between $75.00 and $200.00 per service if you can sing too, you can double that amount. You need to be able to actually play the music required and know the order of the service or mass.






If you have the “chops” to accompany students or school choirs at festivals, competitions, and/or performances you can command between $25.00 and $75.00 per rehearsal and $100.00 and $300.00 per performance. Professional performances can be even higher.




Are you a good player and do you know how to market yourself? If so, you can earn between $1000,00 and $2000.00 per month making YouTube videos.


Parties and Events


If you are good at Jazz and Popular music you can play at restaurants or private parties. The paycheck? Between $100.00 and 500.00 per event.


The Gig Economy


Platforms like Fiverr and Soundbetter feature musicians online for hire. People hire musicians to record a song they have written or a background track for a video, or an accompaniment track for a performance. The paycheck for these services is usually between $50.00 and 100.00 per job depending upon the level of work involved.



The Bottom Line

There are plenty of ways to earn some money with the piano. Of course, you have to be able to get the job done. Getting to a level of playing that is professional enough to do this type of work takes years of dedication. It takes a commitment from both students and their parents.


But it’s worth it.


Imagine your son earning money accompanying his high school friends at recitals or teaching beginning students to play.


Picture your college student playing for church or synagogue services to offset tuition costs and reduce debt.


Think about your child being able to have something to fall back on when the grandkids are little, and one parent would like to stay home.


How about an extra layer of security in an uncertain economy?


Now, I am not saying it’s easy.


Playing well enough to be able to earn money with it takes some serious skill. For players, the proof is in the pudding, you either can…or you can’t.


Being a competent teacher takes much more skill. You have to know how to play properly, have a good understanding of music, and be able to impart that knowledge to another human being. I cannot stress how important it is to take teaching seriously. Music is complex and must be taught correctly. Proper piano technique is essential to be able to play well and avoid injury.


How to get there.


How can your child become a musician accomplished enough to be able to earn money?


First, you need to find a good teacher. Your child needs to practice regularly, participate in performances, and learn some music theory.


The best way to reinforce what is being learned during private piano lessons is to enroll in school music classes and programs and take part in community and church musical activities. Your son or daughter could take some music classes at the local community college, attend music camp, or consider a minor in music.


I wanted to write this post to let parents know that the time, effort, and money they are putting into piano lessons are a great investment in their child’s future.


If you are considering piano lessons for your child or yourself please contact me. I can teach you or help you find a great teacher in your area.



























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