Piano Lessons? Go Ahead, You Know You Want To!

boy playing pianoSchool is starting and you may be thinking of signing your child up for piano lessons. Maybe you play yourself and you know how awesome it is or maybe you don’t but you would love for your child to learn. There are many great reasons for your child to learn to play but there may be some things that are holding you back. Let’s take a look at those reservations one by one and how to overcome them, so you can feel comfortable and enroll your child in piano lessons.

How do I get started? I have no idea where to begin or even where to find a teacher.

This blogpost Finding the Best Piano teacher for Your Child  will give you some helpful info about how to find a teacher. After that pick up the phone and give her a call. It’s Ok if you don’t know anything about piano lessons it’s her job to help you.

I don’t know if my child will like playing the piano.

Whether your child is asking for lessons or playing the piano is something you would like him to be involved in I’m pretty sure he will like playing the piano. He may not always enjoy learning the piano ie. practicing, recitals etc. (then again he may, I have students that enjoy both practicing and recitals). I believe that finding the right teacher and working with her is the key to having a happy successful pianist in training in your house.

I’m not sure my child has the talent needed to become a musician.

I have frequently have parents ask me whether or not I think that their child has any musical talent. I know that some people seem to be more talented than others, but I choose not to focus on “talent”. I believe there are many factors that go into making students successful. My advice is never let anyone tell you that your child hasn’t got enough talent to play the piano (or anything else). We can all learn and we can all improve ourselves.

Piano Lessons cost a lot of money.

Piano lessons do cost money but when you compare piano lessons to other activities you really get a lot of “bang for your buck”. Most piano teachers charge a monthly fee for a private lesson with your child. This valuable time is for your child alone and that means that she is able to work at her own pace and have the lesson custom-tailored to her needs. One on one individual teaching is the absolute Gold Standard for efficient learning. If you consider simply how much knowledge you are getting for the amount you are paying, piano lessons can’t be beat. Especially when you consider that the actual lessons are pretty much all you will have to pay for. Your teacher may have a small recital fee and you may have to buy a few piano books but there are no hidden costs like there are in so many other activities.

I don’t have a piano.

You need a piano. There’s no way around that one. I suggest that if you have no idea what to get secure a good teacher first and let him help you find something that won’t break the bank. There are so many options right now you should be able to find something that fits your needs and budget.

My family is too busy, my child has too much homework.

A piano lesson takes between 30 and sixty minutes per week. Since your child will have a private lesson your teacher will work with you to find the most convenient time possible. As far as practicing goes you are looking at between 15 and 30 minutes per day for the average beginner. This amount will increase incrementally as the student advances. In reality piano lessons are much less stressful and time consuming than most activities.

I’m not trying to make it sound like learning to play the piano is a walk in the park. It certainly isn’t. It takes hard work and perseverance. But if this is something you want for your child go ahead and sign up for lessons. Don’t start with the idea you will have your child take a few lessons and see if he likes it. Make a commitment and stick with piano lessons until your goals for your child are reached. Imagine the thrill of hearing your child as an adult playing beautifully for family and friends. Imagine he will say to you what my 28 year old son said to me the other day “Thanks mom for putting me in music lessons I’m so glad I know how to play well”.

Imagine that! Find a teacher and enroll your child in piano lessons. Go ahead. You know you want to!

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