Why Listening to Music is So Important

Just as reading classic books is to the aspiring writer and seeing fine art is imperative for the budding artist listening to great music is key to a music student’s development. Music is a language in and of itself it is both heard and played. The more a person is immersed in the language of music the easier it will be for him to become fluent.


Students of music should be listening daily to all types of music, especially music they wish to learn to play. Classical music and jazz feature complex rhythm and harmony that helps students to build strong musicianship and aural skills.  I recommend listening to these genres on a regular basis in addition to any popular or folk music that my students find interesting.


From relieving stress and improving physical health to enhancing test scores and inspiring creativity. The benefits of listening to great music are well documented.


Each year I take special care to select an eclectic mix of music that is beautiful, exciting, and perhaps even a bit surprising. There is music from hundreds of years ago all the way up to new music that has been composed by composers living today. I have hand-selected what I consider to be the best performances and posted them at pianoparents.net.


I hope you will enjoy listening the “Summer Listening Calendar Challenge” 2020!



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